The Culver Dream

A cultural ecology and conservation strategy for downtown Culver City, California

Research project - Spring 2015
DES 3332 Urban Cultural Ecologies of Progressive Places
Harvard GSD
Instructors: Susan Snyder, George Thomas

Team: John Moody

Power dynamics and romantic notions of ideal cultural heritage have forced the culture of Culver City, California from heterogeneity into homogeneity on three separate occasions throughout its history. Today, these forces prevent Downtown Culver City from becoming a truly progressive place. This project traces the evolution of downtown's cultural development and proposes a framework to fuse “the historically old with the creatively new” by increasing residential access, providing a diversity of retail, giving the pedestrian priority over the car, and incubating collaborative social art. With these tools, Culver City has the power to invent a new, intensely local form of Southern California urbanism.

Sample Slides