Project Enchilada

Media visions for the future of Downtown Las Vegas

film, interactive, marketing - forthcoming 2019-2020

Client: City of Las Vegas, Nevada

Project Enchilada team: CivicVisions, Downtown Works, Stonerose Landscapes, Design Workshop

As a key part of Project Enchilada’s efforts to revitalize Downtown Las Vegas, Invisible Cities Studio proposes to create a vivid and highly accessible narrative of downtown as the heart of the “real” or “authentic” identity of Las Vegas. Focused in particular on the East Fremont Street corridor, The Real Vegas will explore downtown’s past, present, and future using immersive media—ranging from short films to an interactive audio tour as well as a promotional kit that can be made available to multiple venues to get out the story.


Crafted from research and stories that highlight the diverse experiences, memories, and aspirations of real Las Vegans, this project aims to catalyze broad-based support for creating a vital downtown core in Las Vegas. It seeks to draw both locals and visitors into the heart of Project Enchilada, inviting them to see downtown with new eyes and make it their own.

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