Redemption Square

A journey into the hidden world of Pershing Square in Downtown Los Angeles

Short film + web series - 2018 |16:41


Los Angeles, CA + Cambridge, MA

Directed by: John Moody

Produced by: Anne Whiston Spirn

Starring: Lorraine Morland & Lisa Biagiotti

In the footsteps of many unique Angelenos, a down-on-her-luck woman finds a new identity in Pershing Square, a notoriously unloved space in Downtown Los Angeles.

Best Documentary Short_BLACK_DTLAFF-WINN

In response to a major civic effort to completely redesign Downtown LA's problem child of a public square, Redemption Square shifts the focus of the design conversation to explore how public space can change a person's life. Begun as John Moody's masters thesis project at MIT, the film takes viewers into Pershing Square during five eras of its transformation—from its creation in 1866 through its impending redesign today—guided by the voices of people who spend their time there and those who fight to redesign it. It offers an alternative vision for public life in LA based on the diverse perceptions, memories, and identities that come together in the park every day.

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